We've assembled an iconic board of directors who are wholly dedicated to preserving women's history and inspiring future generations. These pillars of our community are the driving force behind the National First Ladies Library & Museum, and we are grateful for the passion they invest in making our First Ladies' legacies come alive.

Current Board Members 
  • Jacqueline Musacchia | CHAIR
  • Linda DeHoff | VICE CHAIR
  • Christine Peterson | ADVANCEMENT CHAIR
  • David Regula | GOVERNANCE CHAIR
  • Shanna Springer | RECORDING SECRETARY
  • Sarah Syrstad | TREASURER
  • Allyson Bussey
  • Gust Callas
  • Karen Gillmor
  • Ted Prasse
  • Lindsay Reynolds
  • Darlene Schuring
  • Marilyn Thomas Jones
  • Sue Timken
  • Ann Womer Benjamin
Ex-Officio Board Members 
  • Patty Dowd Schmitz | National First Ladies Library & Museum | PRESIDENT & CEO
  • Lisa Petit | Cuyahoga Valley National Park & National Park Service | SUPERINTENDENT
  • Megan Parde | First Ladies National Historic Site & National Park Service | SITE MANAGER


Are you passionate about preserving and telling remarkable women's stories? Make your mark with our volunteer opportunities, or call us at 440-717-3750.

Leaders in Literacy

4/30/2024 through 4/30/2025

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First Ladies as Teachers, Educators, and Librarians.

The right to an education is a foundational principle of America’s history, and many First Ladies have taken up this cause. We celebrate National First Ladies Day by kicking off this featured exhibit, presented by Huntington Bank.