The National First Ladies Library & Museum shines a light on the outstanding accomplishments of the iconic women who have intricately woven themselves into the fabric of our great nation. We tell the story of American history through the eyes of the women who lived it, right alongside their presidential husbands.

As the premier repository of scholarly research and information about our First Ladies, we are dedicated to preserving, promoting, and educating about the significant contributions of these remarkable women. Through collaborative efforts with the National Park Service at the First Ladies National Historic Site, we inspire, inform, and engage a diverse audience of both adults and children, fostering a deeper understanding of the influential role these women have played in shaping our nation — and the world at large.


The National First Ladies Library & Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, operating in partnership with the National Park Service at the First Ladies National Historic Site. Established in October 2000, with the support of President Bill Clinton, our site encompasses the historic Saxton-McKinley House (childhood home of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley), First Ladies Park, and the Visitors Center/National First Ladies Library & Museum. Our facilities include galleries, a research library, conference and seminar rooms, a Victorian theater, a gift shop, archival storage and processing rooms, and administrative offices.


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Our archive holds over 5,000 artifacts related to the First Ladies as well as more than 1,000 books and scholarly papers. As the only site in the world dedicated to preserving the legacies of these remarkable women, we foster a deep appreciation for the significant role our First Ladies have played in shaping American history.

Leaders in Literacy

4/30/2024 through 4/30/2025

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First Ladies as Teachers, Educators, and Librarians.

The right to an education is a foundational principle of America’s history, and many First Ladies have taken up this cause. We celebrate National First Ladies Day by kicking off this featured exhibit, presented by Huntington Bank.