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Current Exhibit : Apr 30, 2024 - Apr 30, 2025

Leaders in Literacy - Laura Leaders in Literacy - Eleanor

From one-room schoolteachers such as Abigail Filmore and Lucretia Garfield, to Eleanor Roosevelt’s Arthurdale experiment, to Barbara and Laura Bush’s literacy initiatives, to current First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s college teaching, these powerful women have provided opportunities for empowering the young minds of our country to learn, grow, and thrive through education.

Come and visit the newest of the First Ladies’ rotating museum exhibits, the Leaders in Literacy: First Ladies as Teachers, Educators, and Librarians limited-time 2024-2025 exhibit, presented by Huntington Bank, where we take you on a tour through the history of the many academics that held the title of First Lady.

In addition to a collection of personal effects and artifacts from our First Ladies compendium, the Leaders in Literacy museum exhibit also contains artifacts related to First Ladies Barbara and Laura Bush from the George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush Presidential Museums. Also featured is a vast collection loaned out from West Virginia’s Arthurdale Heritage Museum focused on First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s efforts to revitalize education initiatives for the impoverished citizens of Arthurdale.

Alongside Leaders in Literacy, we also feature our Reading Reimagined interactive exhibit — a replica one-room schoolhouse — which coincides with our “Little Leaders” reading program geared toward engaging children from pre-K to 4th grade.

Leaders in Literacy: First Ladies as Teachers, Educators, and Librarians runs through April 2025. Plan your visit today.

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Leaders in Literacy

4/30/2024 through 4/30/2025

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First Ladies as Teachers, Educators, and Librarians.

The right to an education is a foundational principle of America’s history, and many First Ladies have taken up this cause. We celebrate National First Ladies Day by kicking off this featured exhibit, presented by Huntington Bank.