“It is horrible to be a man. But the grinding misery of being a woman between the upper and nether millstone of household cares and training children is almost as bad."
First Ladies of the US Lucretia Garfield Full Image

Lucretia Garfield

Lucretia Rudolph Garfield
Years of service: 1881-1881
Born: 1832

First Ladies of the US Lucretia Garfield Full Image

After graduating from Hiram Eclectic Institute in Ohio, Lucretia enjoyed teaching school and the independence it brought to her. Though James Garfield and Lucretia shared deep religious beliefs and intellectual interests, their personalities were vastly different, which strained their bond. The death of their firstborn daughter in 1863 changed the course of their marriage into one of utter devotion to one another. On July 2, 1881, James was shot by an assassin, and on September 19, he succumbed to his wounds. Lucretia’s vigilance over his care was constant front-page news. In sympathy, the American people donated $360,000 to Lucretia and her five children. Lucretia dedicated the rest of her life to preserving his home, books, and papers.


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