“It is very possible to have both a home and a career, (for) in this modern age we are released from so many of the burdens our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had to bear.”
First Ladies of the US Lou Hoover Full Image

Lou Hoover

Lou Henry Hoover
Years of service: 1929-1933
Born: 1874

First Ladies of the US Lou Hoover Full Image

Lou Henry grew up exploring the outdoors and was one of the first women to receive a geology degree in the United States. She translated a technical mining text from Latin to English in 1912, an award-winning book in the geological field that is still relevant today. Lou was an early advocate for women’s physical and mental fitness and a life-long national leader within the Girl Scout organization. Lou challenged social restrictions as First Lady by inviting pregnant women to attend White House functions. She experienced severe criticism by segregationists for inviting Jessie DePriest, the African-American wife of a Chicago congressman, to a congressional wives’ tea.


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