“She was a lady of rare accomplishments, free and vivacious in her conversation.”
First Ladies of the US Angelica Van Buren Full Image

Angelica Van Buren

Sarah Angelica Singleton Van Buren
Years of service: 1838-1841
Born: 1818

First Ladies of the US Angelica Van Buren Full Image

Poised, confident, well-educated, and beautiful, Angelica grew up on a plantation in South Carolina. Her cousin, Dolley Madison, thought she would make a most beguiling White House Hostess for the somber presidency of long-widowed Martin Van Buren. Sparks flew when Angelica met the eldest Van Buren son, Abraham, and eight months later, their marriage happily changed the social scene at the Van Buren White House. Eventually, she settled in New York City and raised three sons. She remained active in charity work throughout her life, including sending blankets to Confederate prisoners of war.


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