Our Curriculum

Welcome to the National First Ladies’ Library online curriculum.

The curriculum includes lessons plans for all grade levels focusing on history and including First Ladies. State and National standards are listed with each lesson plan.

  • Our lesson plans link to a timeline which should prove invaluable for educators. This timeline and the lesson plans include these categories:
    • science/medicine/inventions/technology;
    • Education/arts/letters/ideas; Law/politics/government/war;
    • sports/popular culture; economics/discover/ daily life;
    • notable births/deaths and lives of the First Ladies.

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    This curriculum is provided free of charge by the National First Ladies’ Library. You may download the plans and any related worksheets, etc. 

    Suggestions and questions welcomed. Contact us at 330-452-0876 ex 301

    Lesson Plans are written by Avriel McClelland, Bette Brooks, Marianne Maxfield, all of Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Other educators throughout the country also contribute lesson plans.