My Favorite Book Is...

My Favorite Book Is...
Barbara Bush: Education, Arts, Letters and Ideas

Skill: Elementary School
Time Required: One to two class periods


One area of genuine interest for First Lady Barbara Bush was reading, with particular emphasis on family literacy.  Her interest was, perhaps, one result of her son Neil’s dyslexia.


The purpose of this lesson is to allow students an opportunity to share their favorite book with their classmates.    

Materials Required:

Art supplies.  Books from home or library. Access to the Internet (for researching authors).


Lead students in a discussion of what characteristics make a book a “favorite” one for students their age.  Ask students what their favorite books are.  As nearly as possible, make sure that each student has a copy of his or her favorite book—from home or from a library.

 Tell students that now they work for a new publishing company, The Schoolhouse Publishers.  The new company wants new materials to advertise their favorite book.  It is their job to create these materials.  Specifically, the company wants a “blurb” about the author that is written for students their age, a new cover, and a very short summary of the book.  It is their job to create it.

Extending the Lesson:

The teacher may wish to invite the school librarian/information specialist in (or take the class to the media center/library) for a presentation on the book publishing industry.  This lesson could also be tied in with a visit in the district by a recognized children’s author or with National Library Month. This lesson can also be a group project, rather than an individual one.

Sources & Resources:


Students may use the Web to research material on the authors of their books if it is available.

A book for each student or small group of students. 

This lesson was developed by Bette Brooks, Kent State University.