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First Lady Biography: Melania Trump

Melania Trump

26 April, 1970  Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Father:  Viktor Knavs,

Mother:  Amalija Knavs


Birth Order and Siblings:  Ines Knauss, Denis Cigelnjak

Melania grew up as a model for her clothing designer mother in Slovenia. She arrived in the United States on a work visa in 1996 to further her career and posed for several leading fashion magazines. In 2006, a year after her marriage to Donald Trump, she became an American citizen.

Melania’s involvement in welfare-oriented nonprofit work – such as that of the Red Cross and American Heart Association – continued in the White House through her children’s welfare initiative. With motherhood as her primary focus, Melania tackled the difficult task of protecting her son’s privacy while raising him in the White House. Her passion for the wellbeing of children transfers to her awareness campaign, “Be Best.” The international initiative supported programs for children’s welfare with a focus on three specific issues: well-being, online safety, and opioid abuse. 

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