Bibliography: Clinton, Hillary
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Can Anyone Stop Hillary?Von Drehle, David2014Time Magazine 27 January 2014Article considered the campaign themes of a presidential run by Hillary Clinton, and mentions her adversaries.
Editor's LetterBreen, Matthew2016The Advocate April/May 2016The editor of The Advocate lays out the different stances on LGBTQ issues of Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
Clinton Sees Her Lead Evaporate in CaliforniaChozick, Amy2016New York Times 27 May 2016A polling group in California reports that Hillary Clinton is trailing Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary race.
LGBTQ RightsClinton, Hillary2016Bay Windows 13 October 2016Reprint of speech on LGBTQ rights by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
2 S.C. Lawmakers Linked to Jackson Back Clinton: House Members, From Charleston and Florence, Have Business Ties with StateGould Sheinin, Aaron2007The State (Columbia, SC) 22 February 2007Endorsements of Sen. Clinton followed by business contracts, raising ethical questions about links between the two.
’08 Strides and StumblesBarnes, James A.2006National Journal 11 November 2006Argues the mid-term elections helped Sen. Clinton in her prospective presidential campaign.
10 Examples Illustrating How Extreme Hillary Clinton is on AbortionAndrusko, Dave2016National Right to Life News September 2016 
10 QuestionsLuscombe, Belinda2011Time Magazine 16 May 2011Interview with Julia Roberts and Hillary Clinton on being a mother and working on behalf of mothers.
10 Times Hillary Clinton Revealed How Extreme She is on AbortionBair, Andrew2015National Right to Life News September 2015 
The 100 Most Influential Women of All Time New YorkKuiper, Kathleen2010New York: Britannica Educational PublishingBrief biographical sketches explain why and how selected women affected world history.
1,000 Friends Help Cheer Up Mrs. ClintonClines, Francis X.1996New York Times 27 April 1996 
15 Awarded Highest Civilian HonorLacey, Marc2000New York Times 10 August 2000 
150th Anniversary of Women's Movement 1998Women's International Network News Autumn 1998 
1600 Tinselvania Avenue: Up at the Clintons’—Decorations, DanderRadcliffe, Donnie, and Jura Koncius1994Washington Post 6 December 1994 
2 Arkansans Defend First Lady’s Role in Deal Linked to WhitewaterJackson, Robert L.1996Los Angeles Times 15 February 1996 
2 Candidates Who Differ Mean a ChoicePurnick, Joyce2000New York Times 14 September 2000 
2 Senators Seek to Stop Ports Deal, Citing SecurityMcGeehan, Patrick2006New York Times 18 February 2006Sen. Clinton co-sponsors legislation mandating American ownership of port authorities.
2 Take Credit for a Near-CandidacyNaguorney, Adam1999New York Times 5 June 1999 
20 Superstars of EducationAdams, Caralee2006Instructor March 2006Results of a survey of readers includes nomination for the First Lady.
200 Candles for 1600 Pa. Ave.: With Future Uncertain, Four Presidents Celebrate the White House’s PastRoberts, Roxanne, and Beth Berselli2000Washington Post 10 November 2000 
2008: A Democratic OdysseyFaucheux, Ron2005Campaigns and Elections February 2005 Analysis of the likely contenders for the Democratic nomination in nomination in 2008.
2008 Candidates React to State of the Union Speech Zuckman, Jill2007Chicago Tribune 23 January 2007Focus on how Sen. Clinton prepared her audience for her response to President Bush’s speech with two days of press releases and talks.
2008 Candidates Vow to Overhaul U.S. Health CareToner, Robin2007New York Times 6 July 2007Focus on the detailed plans for reform put forward by the Clinton campaign.
2008 Looks Like A Dem Shame Lucey, Catherine2007Philadelphia Daily News 28 February 2007Poll results show voters favor Giuliani or McCain over Clinton or Obama in Pennsylvania.
The 2008 Media Primary: Handicapping the Candidates in Newspapers, on TV, Cable, and the InternetBelt, Todd L. Marion R. Just, and Ann N. Crigler2012International Journal of Press/Politics June 2012Assesses the role of the media in "winnowing" the field of candidates in terms of who received coverage--how much and what sort. Their findings include that "the media ignored most candidates to concentrate on the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama while paying less attention to the Republican race" in 2008.
2016 Presidential Candidates on LGBT Issues 2016Outlook Ohio Magazine October 2016A comparison of where the presidential candidates stand on LGBTQ issues.
The 25 Most Powerful Women in AmericaCawley, Janet1999Biography April 1999 
3 Agendas Try To Peacefully Coexist at White HousePage, Susan1999USA Today 26 July 1999 
4 Presidential Candidates: a Guide to Their Higher-Ed ViewsField, Kelly2015Chronicle of Higher Education 24 April 2015Assesses how Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio think about higher education issues.
4 Presidents, 5 First Ladies Dine Together 2000Los Angeles Times 10 November 2000