Bibliography: Roosevelt, Edith
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Presidential China in Mrs. Roosevelt's CollectionBaker, Abby G.1904St. Louis Republic 5 June 1904Article about the presidential china gathered together in the White House China Collection by Edith Roosevelt, illustrated with drawings of several pieces.
$210 a Month and Board Paid T. R.'s Staff of 10 1955Boston Globe 20 June 1955Details the "low wages" paid by Edith Roosevelt to the staff at Sagamore Hill. The information is taken from the Globe's serialized excerpts from "The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill," by Hermann Hagedorn.
About Mrs. Roosevelt 1901Christian Advocate 28 February 1901Brief article states that Edith Roosevelt "is almost as decided a character as her husband," and that he "never dreams of questioning one of her orders."
About Women: The Ladies Home Journal Looks Back Mall, Janice1983Los Angeles Times 11 December 1983Notes that Edith Roosevelt was chosen the most admired woman at the turn of the twentieth century and that Eleanor Roosevelt and Jacqueline Kennedy earned the same honor in their time.
Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, From White House Princess to Washington Power BrokerCordery, Stacy A.2007New York: VikingThe only biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth written by an historian, Alice is based on Longworth's private papers and provides an insider's view of first ladies during Mrs L's sixty years in Washington (including her step-mother Edith Roosevelt).
* Alice: The Life and Times of Alice Roosevelt LongworthTeichmann, Howard1979Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall 
* Alice Roosevelt LongworthFelsenthal, Carol1988New York: Putnam 
Alice Roosevelt Longworth: Life in a Public CrucibleRozek, Stacy A.1992Austin: University of TexasPh.D. dissertation by Stacy A. Cordery, author of Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker (Viking, 2007).
All in the FamilyRoosevelt, Theodore, Jr.1929New York: Putnam 
* The Amazing Roosevelt Family, 1613-1942Schriftgiesser, Karl1942New York: W. Funk 
* American Backlogs: The Story of Gertrude Tyler and Her Family, 1660-1860Roosevelt, Edith Kermit1928New York: Scribner’s 
American First LadiesWatson, Robert P., ed.2006Pasadena, CA: Salem Press 
American National BiographyCarnes, Mark C., and John A. Garraty, eds.1999New York: Oxford University PressThe American National Biography was originally published in 24 volumes. It is updated semi-annually. The print edition contains biographies of Americans who died before 1955. The on-line, subscription version contains those who died after 1955.
Americans on the Continent 1922Washington Post 6 February 1922Archie Roosevelt has been visiting his mother, Edith Roosevelt, in London.
* America’s First Families: An Inside View of 200 Years of Private Life in the White HouseAnthony, Carl Sferrazza2000New York: Touchstone 
America’s First Ladies: Ohio Library was Established in 1997 in Their HonorWadley, Carma2007Deseret Morning News 19 February 2007Article celebrates the tenth anniversary of the National First Ladies Library and includes a quiz on the subject of First Ladies.
And Some Send Regrets 1938Baltimore Sun 18 June 1938Edith Roosevelt could not attend the wedding of John Roosevelt to Anne Lindsay Clark.
AutobiographyRoosevelt, Theodore1913New York: Macmillan 
Auxiliary Elects Officers 1906Washington Post 16 December 1906There is an Edith Roosevelt Ladies Auxiliary of the United Spanish American War Veterans.
* Bamie: Theodore Roosevelt’s Remarkable SisterRixey, Lillian1963New York: David McKay 
Beside the Throne PowerWilliams, Sally2005Western Mail and Echo [England] 30 April 2005Compares Edith Roosevelt with Hillary Rodham Clinton.
The Biography Channel Website: Edith Roosevelt    : BiographyA page of the Biography Channel website providing a bit of information regarding Edith Roosevelt. The web page can be found here:
Breakfast Incident at the White House 1902New York Times 22 December 1902Jacob Riis was the guest of Edith and Theodore Roosevelt. Upon learning that Riis's mother was ill, Roosevelt interrupted breakfast to send her a telegram wishing her good health.
"The Bride at Every Wedding:" Theodore Roosevelt in the White HouseMiller, Nathan1994Prologue 26 (4): 1994 
B.U. Festival Closes with Play: Women Impersonate Famous Members of their Sex 1929Boston Globe 17 October 1929Many presidential spouses were impersonated including Martha Washington, Martha Jefferson, Dolly Madison, Louisa Catherine Adams, Anna Harrison, Julia Grant, Edith Roosevelt, Edith Wilson, Florence Harding, and Grace Coolidge
The Bull Moose Years: Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive PartyGable, John A.1978New York: Kennikat Press 
A “Bully” First Lady: Edith Kermit RooseveltLansford, Tom2003New York: Nova PublicationsIn the “Presidential Wives” series.
The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of JournalismGoodwin, Doris Kearns2013New York: Simon & SchusterPolitical scientist and Pulitzer Prize winner Goodwin explores the election of 1912 and includes Edith Roosevelt and Helen H. Taft.
Busy Mrs. Roosevelt--A Day with the Mistress of the White House 1904New York Times 18 December 1904A glimpse into the ways in which First Lady Edith Roosevelt spends her time.
Celebrating Women: History, Biographies, and MuseumsByerly, Greg, and Carolyn Brodie2005Library Media Activities Monthly April 2005Reviews of websites containing information about the First Ladies, including the National First Ladies Library.