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4 min
Mrs. Nellie Taft with Son Senator Robert Taft1952Source Unknown, DonationShort silent film of an elderly Nellie Taft and Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Filmed in front of the National Republican Club. ZZZ-10010
Video Cassette
10 min
Taft's Funeral1930/03/11University of South CarolinaArmy soldiers place casket/coffin of William Howard Taft upon caisson in front of Capitol. Various scenes of funeral cortege/procession moving through downtown streets, past the "White House." Marching bands play music, casket/coffin of William Howard Taft on horse drawn caisson. Cortege arrives at house, casket removed from caisson and carried into house. President and Mrs. (Lou Henry) Herbert Hoover leave house, get into waiting automobile. Washington, D.C. Black and white and with sound. Tape # 002522 In ZZZ collectionZZZ-10140
Video Cassette
25 min
First Ladies and Washington, D.C.1996C-SPAN Sunday JournalCarl Anthony speaks about Nellie Taft and how the cherry trees came to be in Washington, D.C. He also mentions Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, and others who worked to beautify Washington.ZZZ- 10240
Video Cassette
60 min
First Ladies, The Unelected and Unsung Heroes1989MPI Home Video, ABC News, A Messecar ProductionHighlights different ways in which the nation's First Ladies have made their mark on American society.ZZZ-10250
Video Cassette
57 min
Heart of a Nation- America's First Ladies2000PBSHost Nancy Wardle, Mary Regula, Carl Anthony, Pat Krider and Dr. Sheila Fisher talk about First Ladies and the National First Ladies' Library. 3 copies.ZZZ-10280
Video Cassette
59 min
First Ladies Smithsonian Video Collection 19891989Smithsonian InstituteNancy Dickerson hosts special. Includes interviews with former First Ladies and curators of the Smithsonian Institute's collection of gowns and memoribilia.ZZZ-10285
90 min
First Lady, Helen Taft2013C-SPANFirst Lady Helen Taft's time spent in the White House.HHT-1000