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9 min
Quintin Roosevelt Memorial1930/05/30University of South CarolinaOyster Bay, Long Island, New York Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Senior, lays cornrestone for son's memorial. Black and white, with sound.EKR-10010
4 min
Mrs. Hoover at Mother's Day Luncheon1931/05/06University of South CarolinaNew York, New York Politician's wives speaking on maternity. Long shot and close. L to R Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, unverified as former American painter and Illustrator John Sloan. Note: Edith Kermit Carow; Lou Henry; women's studies; pregnant women; In black and white, with sound.EKR-10020
2 min
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt1932/08/01University of South CarolinaRoosevelt Field, New York Former First Lady Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt boards plane en route to Washington to visit President Herbert Clarke Hoover. Aircraft taxiing, taking off, in flight. Exclusive coverage. Black and white and sound. Tape # 002522ZZZ-10140
Video Cassette
120 min
History of the Study of First Ladies1994George Washington UniversityContains clips of multiple First Ladies. Clip of Mother's Day Luncheon of the Maternity Center Association featuring Edith Roosevelt and Lou Hoover, Nancy Reagan addresses the UN, the East Room with Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson addresses a forum on peace and healing following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Pat Nixon visits and discusses "the projects," Betty Ford with the International Women's Year, Barbara Bush at Wellesley College commencement, Margaret Truman interviews her parents in their Missouri home, Mamie Eisenhower's birthday, Florence Harding entertaining guests and with a group of women, Grace Coolidge with war veterans, Christmas Seals, Rosalynn Carter in Latin America and the Caribbean, Lou Hoover and the Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls present a birthday cake to Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton testifies before the Ways and Means Committee, a clip from a black and white 1950's television program featuring a female President and her husband, the First Gentleman.ZZZ-10300
Video Cassette
59 min
First Ladies Smithsonian Video Collection 19891989Smithsonian InstituteNancy Dickerson hosts special. Includes interviews with former First Ladies and curators of the Smithsonian Institute's collection of gowns and memoribilia.ZZZ-10285
90 min
First Lady, Edith Roosevelt2013C-SPANFirst Lady Edith Roosevelt's time spent in the White House.EKR-10030
First Lady inaugurates Better Homes Week1934/03/01University of SCNew York, New York Medium shot Mrs. Eleanor Franklin Roosevelt speaking. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson standing beside Roosevelt. Girl Scouts mentioned. Camp Fire Girls standing beside Roosevelt. Mr. Lester F. Scott, national executive Camp Fire Girls, introducing Roosevelt. Columbia Broadcasting System microphone. Margery Hunt presenting cake celebrating 22nd birthday of the Camp Fire Girls. Close up Mrs. Roosevelt. Note: girls, societies and clubs. Black and white, with sound. Also available on VHS Tape # 118766ZZZ 10030